ays of social and inter-human communication, changes in social norms and behavioral patterns, transformations of the world image in societies are my main research interests. Last few years Im working on my project of studying the institute of Hospitality in ancient China in Germany, first as a guest research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Ruhr-University Bochum, and now as Gerda Henkel Foundation research fellow. My host institutions are Ruhr-University and Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.
I started to study the ancient Chinese hospitality when I was invited to take part in the project of the History of Private Life at the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Later it became one of the main subjects of my doctoral thesis "Institutions of friends and guests in Ancient China. Evolution of the social and politic phenomena and of the appropriate terminology during the Western Zhou, Springs and Autumns and Warring States periods". On this page I uploaded some of my papers, written in different times, related to Friendship, Hospitality and some other subjects. 

I will be grateful for your comments and opinions, and ready to discuss the points in question.

1. New! Die Geschichte der Irrfahrt des Prinzen Chonger und ihre Botschaft..

2. New! Where was the Western Zhou Capital. Paper read at the 17th Conference of the Warring States Project. Leiden, September 2003.

3. Sacred Space of an Aristocratic Clan in Ancient China under Transformation. See also Glossary.

4. Welcoming Guests Constructing Corporate Privacy? An Attempt at a Socio-Anthropological Interpretation of Ancestral Rituals Evolution in Ancient China (ca. XI - V cc. BC).

5. Host-guest opposition as a model of geo-political relations in pre-imperial China.

6. Studying the Private Sphere of Ancient Chinese Nobility through the Inscriptions on Bronze Ritual Vessels

7. : (Wanderings of the prince Zhonger: an exilé as a guest and host). Only Russian.

8. : (Cook or Minister: the Good-Man Kes Treasured Tripods). English Abstract.

9. Friendship in Early China. 

10. . (XI - V . . .) (Friends and Guests in Ancient China .Western Zhou - Chunqiu period (XI - V cc. BC)English Abstract

11. The semantic of Jia (fortune) and the fortunate guests in ancient Chinese ritualism. 


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Maria Khayutina