Paris - May 18-20, 2002 ----> See also Dunkerque


Flee market Porte de Clignancourt

Flea markets are my beloved places of photo chase. I like to look at old things, albeit Im usually not buying them. I dont have any home to store them, but just the memories of mine and of my hard drive. You can take a look at my trophies the old children shoes, a doll in a basket, a book cover, an ancient porno poster etc.

Even much more I like to watch the people in flee markets. They are a special kind, not the same as these who go shopping in malls or staring at the chic staff through the showcases. Im not ready to classify them in any certain way, but I feel at home among them. I wish a good luck to a girl who sells knitted hats. Im glad for a woman who bought an African drum. And I hope the others will also find something to please them.



Drum buyer

Red hat


Drum buyers


Hat seller







Soup ladles


Flax shop



Boulevard Barbes African quarter

Five years ago when I came to Paris the firs time, my friend Nadia who rented a tiny flat near Monmartre took me to walk in an African quarter. Thus it was my first and probably the most surprising impression of Paris. I was amazed by the colorful dresses of local matrons and the dignity they walk with through the neighborhood, handling few children and carrying a youngest babies on their backs. I stared at counters pilled with exotic vegetables and fruits, which I dont know how to cook and how to eat. I was glad to come there again this time together with my friend Anna.




Snuffy girl




Golden slippers

In a hurry

Quran seller

Street life

The most of Paris I like its non-parade life. Back streets away from tourist itineraries. The way people suck their coffee in small bars and the grace they slip through crowded streets. May be the streets of this city are so lively because many flats in the old houses are to narrow that people prefer to spend more time outside, but there should be something else



Street cafe



In a bar

Billiard 1

Billiard 2


Mirror windows


Old house






Paris is the city where everyone can find his place and feel at home, and even foreigners can offer their hospitality to each other or even to the local people. I stayed at my friend Anna Kotomina who came to Paris for two months upon the invitation of the Denis Diderot Foundation and lived in a flat of her friend who left on a tour. We met the Israeli painter Eliahu Dallal who traveled around Europe visiting his friends and negotiating his future exhibitions. He has a great talent of communication, and he was a host of our evening sittings in cafes, where we invited other nice people my Paris friend journalist and artist Joelle Naim, Don - a wig seller from Kansas living in Switzerland, Stephan a French telecommunication engineer who just returned from London. We drank coffee and wine, eat goat cheese and mussels, chatted about everything and had a lot of fun together. Hi guys, thanks to all of you, and hope to see you again!



Joelle 1


Joelle 2

Anna, Stephan and Eli

Joelle and I



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