Israel November 2000 – April 2002




People not always like when someone take photos of them without permission. But I hardly even imagine how can one ask such permission someone in a big city: “Hi! I like your face! May I take a picture of yours?” That would not work, of course. The only way is to take photos so that people does not notice it. It is easier to make when people is busy, for example in a market. Or when they are happy and do not take care of any disturbances. Or sometimes they want to attract attention of strangers, like on a carnival.


Mahane Yehuda – Jewish market of Jerusalem

Damascus Gate - Arab market

Hermon – the only place where it snows in Israel

Purim – the Hebrew carnival

Stones and Plants


In a country where almost a half of the territory is a stone desert and it rains only in winter one learns to appreciate plants and efforts of people who cultivate them. For me the symbol of Israel is thistle – angular, bristly, but tenacious of life and beautiful if you know how to see things.






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