This is my second “home land” since September 2000. I’ve spent there only half a year, and since then I often come there for a visit. This land shocked me at the beginning, albeit I have been in different countries of Europe and in China and Turkey before. I saw many unusual things everywhere, but they did not disturb me so much since I always stayed only a visitor anywhere I came, and I perceived all “strangenesses” as precious travel impressions. Only in Israel I was given citizenship and supposed to settle there, so I had to fit myself to this country. I tried to learn it, chasing with my camera in the streets and markets of Jerusalem, ole Jafo or Beer-Sheva, on the slopes of Golan heights, on the Mediterranean coast. I cannot claim that I already understood this country and its inhabitants – this job will probably take much more time. At least I feel that I managed to accept it easier and even started to love it.




New! Photo report on a trip to Paris, Dunkerque, Brugge, Gent and Antwerpen. June 05, 2002.



I live in Germany since April 2001. I came here before as a tourist as well, but this time I stayed on here for a longer while. Since the first days I felt as like I put on some very comfortable old cloves, softened by the time but still fashion. May be because of this feeling I turned in a flea market hunter, still with my camera ready to shoot. I travel from Germany everywhere around, meet people from all round the world, and enjoy the life.




This is my native country. I left it in Autumn 2000. I used to leave it for a long while before, when I went to China for one year. Now it’s my longest stay away from Moscow in my life. When I come back to visit it I also make as much photos as I can, as if trying to take my old home along in digital form.



All the photos on this site are made with digital cameras Casio QV 3000 and Casio QV 4000. I bought the first one in November 2000, after my old Olympus, stolen in a plain from Moscow to Tel-Aviv. Thus that flight happened to be transitional not only to my way of life, but also to my way of seeing things and collecting impressions.

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